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Shanghai Oleosmart Electro-hydraulics Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise engaged in advanced electro-hydraulic control technology, with nearly two decades of professional experience. Oleosmart has always been following closely the development of the world’s hydraulic technology, especially that of high-tech components such as digital proportional valves and servo valves, and that of the design of hydraulic system, etc..

To ensure our customers the most reliable technical solutions and guaranteed services, Oleosmart has organized many official visits to major foreign companies well-known in hydraulics industry, taking technical training courses and learning their modern management philosophy. Long time of contacting, learning and communicating have helped Oleosmart and these companies establish deep cooperations in such respects as brand promoting, product delivery and technical consultations.

Thanks to so many years of technical experience and skills, Oleosmart can provide the customers with the most reliable and cost-effective solutions, as well as quality hydraulic components with foreign origin.

Oleosmart mainly deal with the following businesses:
    —Distributing Atos, Bosch Rexroth, Parker, Eaton Vickers, Hydac, etc.
    —Design and manufacturing hydraulic control systems (especially proportional and servo systems) and test benches;

    —Providing electronic amplifiers and axis controllers and necessary solutions; 

    —Supplying components for special hydraulic industries (super-high pressure, extreme temperatures, special fluids, etc.);

    —Repairing piston pumps and proportional valves;

"Hydro-power in Need, Oleosmart on Hand”.

Choosing Oleosmart means the selection of best quality, guaranteed service, competitive prices and on-time delivery.


  • ATR
  • ATRA
  • e-dap
  • E-K-32M
  • 伺服油缸
  • 压力继电器
  • 派克比例阀
  • 派克电磁阀
  • 派克溢流阀
  • 派克柱塞泵
  • VKS电磁阀
  • vks柱塞泵
  • 威格士电磁阀
  • ADR
  • ADRL
  • AQFR
  • QV06
  • QV1020
  • AGAM
  • ARAM
  • 4WE6E7X
  • 先导溢流阀
  • 力士乐柱塞泵
  • 电液阀力士乐
  • 电液阀
  • 电磁溢流阀力士乐
  • 齿轮泵
  • 4WE电磁阀
  • 插装阀盖板1
  • ZSFS
  • DB10溢流阀
  • 4WRAE6W比例阀
  • A10VSO45DFR1-31R
  • 4WE6HA62
  • DBDS6-螺纹插装溢流阀
  • 插装式比例节流阀
  • 数字式比例插装阀
  • 放大器
  • 数字式放大器+轴控制器
  • 闭环轴控制器E-K-PID
  • PVL
  • 齿轮泵
  • PVPC
  • 叶片泵+双联泵
  • 叠加阀1
  • 叠加阀2
  • 二通插装阀
  • 不锈钢阀
  • 防爆阀1
  • 防爆阀2
  • 七芯插头-塑料
  • 七芯插头-金属芯
  • 带灯插头(直流或交流)-SP-667
  • 不带灯插头(直流或交流)-SP-666
  • DKE
  • SDHE
  • DHI
  • DPHI-NG25
  • 比例减压阀
  • 比例溢流阀1
  • 比例溢流阀2